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The name "Mekanet" carries the meanings of "dignified" and "stable".

This special name choice emphasizes our engineering activities and forms a fundamental value of our corporate identity. Over the years, we have continued to develop with our mission of providing reliable and innovative solutions in the industry.

Mekanet Energy was founded in 2013 by Fahri ORAK, drawing on his wealth of individual experience. Driven by Fahri ORAK's desire for freelance work and his strong knowledge in the energy sector, the company specializes in control systems engineering and commissioning for turbomachinery in the energy sector. With the help of Mechanical Supervisors, it has also been able to offer services in the mechanical field of the same sector.

Since our inception, Mekanet Energy has achieved a significant position in the industry through controlled growth and a quality-focused service approach. We have successfully completed many projects with leading brands such as GE, Siemens, Rolls Royce, and SOLAR turbines, especially in the use of turbomachinery in the energy sector, primarily MAN Diesel Turbo turbines.

Thanks to the experience and expertise we have gained during this process, we are constantly expanding our capabilities in the industry and continue our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers. As Mekanet Energy, we are determined to continue customer satisfaction in future projects as well.

In 2022, Mekanet Energy decided to expand into the automation sector. We have already achieved new success stories by establishing strategic partnerships with leading companies in the food sector.

Within this scope, we have formed a dynamic and expert team. Our aim is to contribute to the sector, transfer our accumulated experience to talented engineers, and achieve more success as the Mekanet Family in both our existing and new business areas.

Our Core Values

Openness to Development

Being open to continuous learning and development reflects our determination to adapt to innovations.


Our commitment to the principle of honesty, in line with business ethics and professionalism, contributes to creating a reliable environment.


The principle of being reliable and responsible towards our customers, business partners, and employees is the cornerstone of our business.


Our passion for continuously developing new solutions and technologies supports our goal of being a pioneer in the industry.

These values define our business approach and form the foundation of our success as Mekanet Energy.


MAN Diesel & Turbo PrimeServ Partnership

Since 2009, we have successfully carried out compressor and electric generator installation, maintenance, and THM Gas Turbine assembly, commissioning, and maintenance activities in many countries worldwide (including Norway, Algeria, Syria, Libya, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Trinidad & Tobago, Mozambique, and Georgia).

Establishment of Mekanet Energy

The company was founded in 2013 and started operating in the energy sector.

Entering the Food Sector

The company entered the food sector in the field of automation. Partnerships were established with leading companies such as iAUTOMATION and SELO Food Technologies based in the Netherlands.

MEDOIL Project Completed

The MEDOIL Project was successfully completed with Dutch partners.

2024 - …
Energy Sector and Automation

Activities in the Energy Sector and Automation continue. Future goals and achievements are eagerly awaited.

Our Team

Fahri Orak


Fahri ORAK, as the founder of our company, has made Mekanet Energy an indispensable address in the energy sector with his strong references and past work experiences. Our capacity to successfully manage automation projects and our dynamic team made the future successes foreseeable from the moment we stepped into the industry. Our company has solidified its place in the energy sector, reaching a significant position.

The Mekanet Family

Expertise and Team Spirit
Dynamic Solutions

At Mekanet Energy, with our extensive and experienced team

Offering a broad range of expertise, the Mekanet Energy Family is a dynamic team that ranges from experienced supervisors to newly graduated engineers. While achieving excellent results, we continue our mission of contributing valuable human resources to the industry.

Our team consists of Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Supervisors, Control Systems and Commissioning Engineers, Technical Chiefs and Trainers, Project Managers, and General Administrative Management. We maintain our claim to overcome every challenge with experience and openness to innovation.

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